Questions on New Parish in Hammond

Below are common questions about the new parish for the Latin Mass, St. Joseph in Hammond. Please don't hesitate to contact our board with your questions.

Parish Life

How do I register for the parish?

The rector of St. Joseph's Parish has registration forms available.

What is significant about the Latin Mass being available in a parish setting?

Having the Traditional Latin Mass in a parish allows for not only the Latin Mass itself, but daily Mass (including all Holy Days of Obligation) and the availability of all the sacraments in their traditional forms. For example, weddings, funerals, baptisms, etc., will all be available in their traditional and very beautiful Latin rites. When a parishioner is in need of a priest to administer the traditional rites, such as for a sick or dying person, a priest will now be readily available. A parish will also allow the faithful to have greater participation in the life of the church and many opportunities for social activities with like-minded Catholics.

Can I get involved in the new parish?

Yes! In particular, singers and servers are being sought, even those who are interested but have no prior experience. Please contact us soon for information and to get connected—no obligation.

What will happen to the existing community at St. Joseph Parish?

The current pastor, who lives at St. John Bosco Parish in Hammond, will continue as pastor until such time that a priest of the Institute of Christ the King is appointed parish administrator. The English Novus Ordo Masses will continue at 4:30 PM on Saturdays and 9:00 AM on Sundays.

How will the parish operate?

The church will remain a parish and continue to belong fully to the Diocese and follow all diocesan procedures. The priest of the Institute of Christ the King, as parish administrator, will work with the parish council. He will be responsible for finances, following strict guidelines and working with the parish finance committee.

Institute of Christ the King

What is the Institute of Christ the King?

The Institute,” as it is often called, is an order of priests dedicated to the celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass. Its worldwide headquarters and seminary are near Florence, Italy, and its American headquarters are at the Shrine of Christ the King in Chicago (one of the churches that a number of Gary Diocese faithful would travel to for Sunday morning Latin Mass).

The Institute’s rule of life generally follows that of secular canons; they use the title “Canon” rather than “Father.” Their chief patron is St. Francis de Sales. The Institute has priests, oblates (similar to brothers), a branch of sisters, and missions in Africa.

Why was the Institute of Christ the King chosen for this parish?

The Institute was selected by Bishop Hying. As auxiliary bishop of Milwaukee, he became familiar with the Institute at their St. Stanislaus Oratory in Milwaukee, which the Institute beautifully restored. The bishop even administered Confirmations there in the traditional form.

Existing Locations

What will happen to existing Latin Masses in the area?

This new Latin Mass location in no way changes other Latin Masses in our area! The weekly Saturday evening Latin Mass at the Carmelite Monastery will continue, as will the monthly Masses at St. Joseph's in Dyer and St. Andrew's in Calumet City. Update 12/1: The Carmelite Fathers have unexpectedly announced the cancellation of their Saturday evening Mass.

What will happen to the NWI Latin Mass Community?

Members and non-members of the NWI Latin Mass Community who support the Latin Mass can join St. Joseph Parish. The NWI Latin Mass Community, as a network of traditional Catholics in (and very near) the Diocese of Gary, will continue its mission of providing information and support for the Traditional Latin Mass across the Diocese and seek its continued expansion.