Getting Involved

Altar Serving

We are always eager for more altar servers. Prospective servers must fulfill the following requirements:

If you or your son matches this description, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll find a suitable time to practice at church. It takes effort to learn to serve the Traditional Liturgy, but it is very rewarding.

Chanting & Singing

The Regina Angelorum choir sings at the first Saturday Mass in Calumet City and the Mater Dei choir sings at the Saturday evening Mass in Munster.

We hope to offer opportunities for learning Gregorian chant and singing polyphony. For now, please contact us so we know you're interested.

Training for Clergy

Fulton Sheen offers the Traditional Mass
Ven. Fulton J. Sheen offers the TLM

The Northwest Indiana Latin Mass Community is eager to sponsor priests and seminarians near northwest Indiana for training in how to celebrate the Extraordinary Form of the Roman rite in any or all of its forms (i.e., Low Mass, Sung Mass, Solemn Mass). Various local and non-local opportunities and locations exist. Training DVD's are also available in addition to or as a substitute for personal instruction.

Permanent deacons are also sponsored for training in the role of deacon or sub-deacon for Solemn Mass.

All inquiries are welcome and handled discretely.

Assistance in Starting a Latin Mass

The Latin Mass Community may be able to provide advice, equipment, publicity, altar servers, and financial assistance to priests interested in offering the Traditional Latin Mass in their own parishes or oratories. Training for altar servers is also freely available. All inquiries are welcome and handled discretely.